Images: Fan Inspiration

Images was dance performance based on the concept of time presented by SCAD’s School of Entertainment Arts in November 2017. The show follows the transitions through time and how it changes. Each piece itself is an Image, unique in itself. The performance consisted of 12 Images. Each Image had a group of 2-4 designers working on it in a collaborative effort.

This piece required the elements of large hand fans, the movement of accordion pleats. The director’s concept was to create something really contrasting with the lights and the music, having a very high fashion and sleek look. The costume was designed to incorporate accordion pleats in the form of skirts that the dancers could use to form different “Images”. These skirts were made with silk organza and were pleated in house. The fabric gave an illusion of fans while still being a part of the costume.

Costume Design: Kashish Chopra, Mallory Champlin, Layla Rostami, Audrey Woodward
Lighting Design: William Brown
Director: Vincent Brousseau
Photography: SCAD