Images: Slow Motion

Images was  dance performance based on the concept of time presented by SCAD’s School of Entertainment Arts in November 2017. The show follows the transitions through time and how it changes. Each piece itself is an Image, unique in itself. The performance consisted of 12 Images. Each Image had a group of 2-4 designers working on it in a collaborative effort.

This piece focused on a very slow movement as a group with a rippling effect mirrored in the music as well as costumes. The costumes needed to have a slight androgynous tendency since there were 5 female dancers and 1 male dancers and the director wanted all of them to look very similar. Using the technique of silk painting, the fabric was dyed in house. Visually all costumes looked similar but when looked closely each piece was different and unique. Lights were incorporated in the costumes, which were operated by the dancers during the show.

Costume Design: Kashish Chopra, Emma George
Lighting Design: William Brown
Director: Vincent Brousseau
Photography: SCAD