Images: Evolution

Images was  dance performance based on the concept of time presented by SCAD’s School of Entertainment Arts in November 2017. The show follows the transitions through time and how it changes. Each piece itself is an Image, unique in itself. The performance consisted of 12 Images. Each Image had a group of 2-4 designers working on it in a collaborative effort.

Images was a dance show presented by SCAD in . The costumes were conceptualized and constructed by students of the costume department at SCAD. This piece had the elements of evolution. A costume was to be designed where the dress could morph from a cocoon like structure to a flowy evening gown-like outfit. The director’s concept was to turn it from primitive to urban. A flowy empire line dress was conceptualized for this piece. The dress had many layers which were used by the dancer to wrap around giving an illusion of her coming to life. A silk jersey was chosen for this outfit which was ombre dyed in house.

Costume Design: Kashish Chopra, Mallory Champlin and Taylor Lilly
Lighting Design: Mikhaela Biard
Director: Vincent Brousseau
Photography: SCAD